Wellness for the busy mind.

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There is so much information out there, what we need is transformation!

In my programs, I make big concepts in health and wellness simple and guide you in taking small steps that you can apply into your busy life.

What is different about my programs?

✓ I help you to make changes from the inside out

✓ I help you to be your own coach, by working at 5 levels: somatic (body), emotions, mindset, behaviours and unconscious patterns that are holding you back

✓ I draw from my 15+ years experience in the health/ wellness and knowledge of being a physiotherapist and movement specialist to empower you to implement simple changes to make long lasting changes in your life.


My monthly mentoring subscription is for women ready to take charge of their life and grow with ease.

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Hi! I’m Caroline, a busy mum of two little ones, business owner,  Physiotherapist and wellness mentor.

I am a physiotherapist and movement specialist with over 15 years of experience. I am also wellness mentor and business owner.

I work with people 1-1 and in small groups to find balance in their bodies and life, empower individuals with quality information through online education and masterclasses. I am very passionate about anything health/wellness and movement. 

I have a very intuitive and creative approach and as a result I have witnessed numerous clients changing the way they perceive the world and themselves, by improving their awareness, accepting all parts of themselves and taking aligned action.

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Business Mindset Reset Workshop

A full day workshop taught by Caroline da Silva and Nikki Milne for business owner seeking a deeper level of professional development. Transform your mindset by identify exactly what is blocking your progression, define your current limitation and discover clear, actionable steps to create freedom and profit in your business.



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Assess Your Wellness

This video will explain how to use the self wellness assessment and some reflections to support your wellness journey.

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Wellness for the busy mind

How we move is related to how we interact with the world, and how we think and feel, can impact our choices in life.

Armed with knowledge and experience, my desire is to empower people to increase awareness and via embodied practices take charge of their own health and change their reality.

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Simple, balanced nutrition

These simple and delicious 30-minute meals are designed to give your body a power-packed nutrient boost.


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Weekly meditaion

This weekly class will help you master meditation and make it a powerful part of your daily routine.


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I am originally from Brazil and moved to Perth in my early 20’s.

I am a holistic Physiotherapist and movement specialist with 15+ years of experience, which means I look at the individual as a whole, not just the muscles/bones or the complaint they are having in isolation. I look at the current complaint goals, what is happening in their bodies (physiologically) and also emotionally, their mindset, their unconscious patterns and what is going on in their life’s.

My passion for the body and movement started early when I was a dancer. After studying Physio, I wanted to know more about how all systems of the body interact, mind-body-spirit connection and the effects of lifestyle on general health and well-being. I found a lot of my answers through yoga / meditation study, mindset, nutrition and lifestyle choices.

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